Running Shoes, Past, Present & Future (Part Three)

Choosing The Right Running Shoe

The Future of Running Shoes

As I said in Part 1 of our blog, the latest trend in running shoes coming down the line seems to favour a move away from the minimal phase to a more maximum cushioning phase. The interesting thing is that the running shoe companies seem to be taking many of the things that were good about the minimalist approach and incorporating them into the new super cushioned shoes now becoming popular. For starters even though the trend is back to a more cushioned approach, the shoe manufacturers seem to universally agree that large heel to toe drops are not desirable.

Heel To Toe DropThis time around they are reducing the heel to toe drop, not by reducing the height of the heel, but by increasing the depth of cushioning in the forefoot. So for example some of the new super cushioned shoes may only have a heel to toe drop of 4mm, encouraging more of a forefoot strike (or at the very least not encouraging a heel strike). Many of the new maximalist running shoes are much more flexible than traditional running shoes, which allow the foot to work much more naturally. Finally, even though these shoes are chunkier and more cushioned than traditional shoes they are not as heavy. The shoe manufacturers have gone to great lengths to lighten the shoes using ultra light materials in the upper and doing away with stitched overlays in favour of lighter bonded seams.
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In conclusion, there has never been a better choice available in running shoes. There is truly a running shoe for everyone regardless of your gait, the distances you run or the surfaces you run on. The real trick is finding the shoe that best suits you. So instead of simply following the latest trends, whether that be “minimalist” or “maximalist”, by paying closer attention to your own running style and the distances you run and the surfaces you run on, you will greatly increase your chances of finding your perfect running shoe. Finally, we would always recommend consulting a trained salesperson in a specialist running store to help you through this process.
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