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Non-toxic environmentally friendly gel. Controls swelling and relieves pain. Stays hot/cold for hours. Remains flexible even at low temperatures. Includes removable cover.


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Designed for Hot and Cold Therapy.

– Provides effective relief from muscualr pain and helps reduce swelling.
– Great for treating a wide range of soft tissue injuries.
– The pack will remain flexible at low temperatures.
– Pack lasts longer and is more effective than a standard ice pack or hot pack.
– Reusable pack is perfect for continuous treatment at home.

For Cold Use:
Place pack in the freezer for up to 2 hours before use. Wrap in a cloth or protective sleeve before applying directly to skin. Use pack in short intervals no longer than 20 mins.

For Hot Use:
Place pack in the microwave for 20 seconds at 600W. Increase heating time in 10 second intervals to reach desired temperature if needed. Tiems should be reduced for microwvaes with higher power ratings. Wrap in the cover included before applying to the skin. Use pack in short intervals no longer than 20 mins.

Can also be heated in water: Immerse in hot water for approx. 7 minutes.

Pack contains Sodium Carboxymethyl, Cellulose, Glycerol and Water.