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The power set MAX includes all three powerbands MINI and the powerbands MAX Black. This set enables you to carry out all of our exercises and workouts. There are simply no limits to the variety of exercises that can be brought to your training regimen using powerbands.

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The power set MAX contains all of the powerbands. Combining the powerbands MINI (22 x 5 cm) with the powerbands MAX black (100 x 2 cm) is ideal for an intensive full-body training that is gentle yet effective. You can choose from a wide variety of training options with varying degrees of difficulty. Training with the Powerbands is ideal for preventing injuries (in coordination with an expert).

Set MAX, the “smallest gym in the world”, enables you to train anywhere and at any time. The bands are simple to use, lightweight, and easy to carry around with you. No matter where you are, there is nothing to stop you from working out. A new dimension of training awaits you! Maximizes bodyweight workouts such as Freeletics, Hiit and Cross Fit!

• Recommended combination for beginners: the Powerbands MAX combined with the Powerband MINI in yellow.
• Recommended combination for advanced users: the Powerbands MAX combined with the Powerbands MINI in yellow or green.
• Recommended combination for professionals: the Powerband MAX combined with the Powerband MINI in green or blue.

Be careful if you have a latex allergy, as these powerbands are not latex-free!

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