Finding The Correct Sports Bra

sports bra
sports bras
sports bras

If your running shoe is your most important piece of running kit, then for women a good fitting Sports Bra is a very close second. If the breasts have little or no support while running(or any athletic activity), then the stretching of the breast tissue caused by bouncing or movement can result in sagging and shape loss. A there is no muscle in the breast, once the damage is done there is no way to repair it.

What to Look For in a Sports Bra:

  • Do Not use a Sports Bra with under-wiring because when you move the wiring will cause abrasion.
  • A good Sports Bra will compress the breast slightly, allowing athletic movement without bounce.
  • Wider straps(more than an inch thick) increase support over the back leaving the breasts feeling lighter and more secure.
  • A good Sports Bra should feel tighter than a standard bra but without cutting into the skin.
  • A Sports Bra will stretch over time so if you are in doubt between sizes, then always choose the smaller size.